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2 products that changed the way me & my kitty sleep.

2 products that changed the way me & my kitty sleep.

Hello all! I hope you are finding yourself well and staying cozy in this homestretch of the winter months.

So I never thought I would ever do a post like this because honestly I've never really "struggled" with sleeping. I'm that person that everyone hates because I can fall asleep in .03 seconds. I thought since I had no issue falling asleep, I was getting the good, restful sleep that I need. 

W R O N G. 

It all began with magnesium. I was partially familiar with magnesium oil because of my long time love affair with magnesium supplements (they cured the mysterious chronic pain I dealt with while I was in high school.) I kept my relationship with magnesium in the pill form for the most part until a month or so ago. I actually started researching magnesium oil because of some muscle pain that my fiancé had been experiencing in his forearms. Magnesium is amazing for fighting inflammation in the body (my ultimate nemesis) and is a natural muscle relaxer. When I started looking for pure magnesium oil I found a lot about people using it for issues with sleeping. Honestly I took this for a grain of salt, because that wasn't anything this lil girl needed ( W R O N G x2 ) After researching on the internets + good ole Amazon I got my paws on some Asutra Magnesium Oil. I snagged a 2 pack of 4oz bottles for about $20, but right now they've got it for 2 bottles at $17 so definitely check out the link if you're interested!  This brand is awesome because it's:

  •  100% Natural 
  •  100% Pure 
  •  Topical Grade
  •  Not Tested on animals

The benefits of topically applied magnesium (are virtually endless tbh) include: 

  •  Better Sleep
  •  Skin Improvement 
  •  Stress Relief 
  •  Joint Pain Relief 
  •  Anti-Aging Benefits
  •  Energy Level Boosting 

So yeah, you see why I was on board to at least try it. I mean Grayson was getting his own bottle so why shouldn't I? I was mostly just curious to see if I could tell any immediate difference in my wellbeing after introducing the spray into my routine. The first night I got it, I sprayed 2-3 sprays on the bottom of each foot, and then popped some fuzzy socks on, not really expecting a whole lot. I fell asleep like normal ( in .03 seconds) but actually had dreams. Not only did I have dreams, I woke up with a clear mind, and noticeably more alert than usual. After doing some research I realized that both of these things are signs of improved REM cycle sleep. 

Now, lets talk about trends in healthcare. I think most of us are pretty good at not buying into those "This Miracle Fruit Will Make The Fat Melt Off!!" schemes, so combine those kind of accusations with a trend in home decor?ULTRA SKEPTICAL, NO? I know I was more than skeptical when we brought in the beautiful Himalayan salt lamps to The Potting Shed. I mean, there is no doubt that these lamps are stunning and A L L the rage right now, but when our vendor rep was listing health benefit after benefit, I started to wonder. 

At The Potting Shed we carry the Earth Luxe lamps and I am obsessed with how gorgeous and high quality they are! The lamps have 84 minerals in them that are released when heated up by the light inside of the rock. Benefits of these lamps range from 

  • headache reducing, 
  • sleep improving, 
  • anxiety relieving, 
  • helping with breathing + asthma by air purification, 
  • and mood boosting! 

The lamps attract water vapor in the air, as well as trapping indoor pollutants like mold and bacteria! Since salt is a naturally powerful antiseptic, when bacteria come into contact with the lamp, they're neutralized! I'll take every kind of bacteria fighting right now- flu stay away! 

Another bonus point I found when doing research on these lamps was from The Wellness Momma!"These soothing lamps may also help boost mood and energy levels, especially for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The soft orange hues are one of the soothing colors often used to calm mood and increase focus. The small amounts of negative ions may also be helpful in boosting mood as well." Ya'll already know I was stoked to read that. Send all the happy vibes my way please!

I think the biggest change I see for myself is how I wake up. I wake up calm. Amongst the 100 alarms and overwhelming-ness that often hits me in the face, I am calm and happy. I am excited to get up, and I've even started getting up earlier. I'm talking 8:30 on my day off early. So, in turn I am getting more done, and I'm extra happy about that. 

When I first started using my salt lamp I was mildly worried that the glow would actually prevent my sleeping since I have it sitting on my bedside table. I have actually found the warm glow to be soothing and when I turn over I can't even tell it's there! On the flip side of that, it helps me get up on the mornings when I head to the gym before the sun gets up! I tell myself it's like a gentle sunrise and it makes the whole process a little less painful. 

BUT Let me tell you where I seen the biggest difference. My cat. Anyone who knows (or has suffered through me gushing about) Normandy knows that this little girl can be a spitfire. She rarely likes being held, wants to race you up the stairs any chance she can, and is constantly playing hide and seek with anyone who will give her the time of day. ALL of the energy, and ZERO desire for affection outside of late night and early morning snuggles when she thinks you aren't awake. It's extra tragic because she is the softest and most fluffy baby e v e r. After about three days with the lamp, she adopted a slight personality shift. I honestly thought I was imagining it, but by day seven she was purring and crawling all over me any time we were in my bedroom. She would nuzzle herself under the covers and purr herself to sleep. She also is infamous for her 4 am rambunctious episodes where she swipes at the pictures hanging up on my walls or pushes over the items on my dresser until I wake up. I am proud to say she has stopped that bratty behavior, and now I am the one who wakes her butt up in the morning. My fur momma heart is full. 

What routines and products do you do before bed time to help you sleep well? 

Be well!

xx, Aubrey 

Aubrey + Grayson / How We Met + Engagement Pictures

Aubrey + Grayson / How We Met + Engagement Pictures

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