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My Tape-In Hair Extensions                                               {Pricing, Thoughts, Care}

My Tape-In Hair Extensions {Pricing, Thoughts, Care}

Hey lovelies! As a lot of you may already know, I recently got tape-in extensions put in my hair! I am in L O V E! I've had some questions about them, so I thought it would be fun and helpful to do a little post about them on here!

Why I Got Extensions

I've struggled with thin, fine hair and hair loss for about half of my life. I've naturally never had the thickest, most luscious locks but once I really started having thyroid issues my hair health dramatically went downhill. I was losing hair like crazy, and combine that with my consistent bleaching of my was pretty bleak. 

I started being more mindful of my hair care and vitamin rituals and I did notice a difference in the amounts of hair I was losing, but keeping up with platinum hair is no gentle fight. I even started using the Monat shampoo and conditioner that people love (or hate) and rave about all over Facebook! I was surprised at how well it actually did transform and heal my damage, but it still didn't fix the lack of hair on my head. 

My hair insecurities were taken up a level when I started thinking about wedding day hair. All the hair styles I loved were full of volume, cascading curls, and stunning braids all intermingled together. Meanwhile I couldn't even wear my hair in a single braid because once it was all plaited together it had about the width of a pencil. 

Extensions are something I had wanted for years, and I had even purchased clip-ins at one point. I wasn't impressed with the ones I had, and I could never color match just right. I'm also one of those #LazyGirls who really can't be bothered with clipping hair on and off of my head all the time. Over the last couple of years I had heard about tape-in extensions as a more comfortable and healthy alternative to bead or fusion extensions. After talking to multiple friends and hair stylists tape-ins were definitely recommended across the board. I was sold!

What I Have+ Installation + What I Paid

Disclaimer: Everyone Charges Differently. Even if you went to the same stylist as me, depending on what you want, how long you want your extensions, how many packs you need and what she will have to do in order to color match, costs will differ. I paid $550 for mine, which included my extensions, the application, washing, cutting, toning, and styling them. My extensions were done by the fabulous Bailey Bass at The Wax Studio in Fort Smith and she uses the Glam Seamless brand. I love these extensions because the wefts have a lot of hair in them, and aren't bulky, so they lay really naturally. She used a pack and a half on my head and it is the perfect amount! Depending on what you want, need, and how much hair you already have, the amount of hair your stylist installs might be different. Their color selection from Glam Seamless is also fabulous, so there should be no problem finding your color. I went in for a consultation and Bailey knew right off the bat that I would be the lightest shade of blonde, and we would just tone it to match. We decided on 18" extensions because I wanted long hair, but she advised me that more often than not people who get the 20"-22" get irritated with how long they are and take them out a lot sooner.

Now that I've had mine for about a month, I can totally imagine that. Adjusting to actually having to brush my hair a few times a day was kind of a big deal for me! Some people complain about them feeling heavy and itchy, or the tape rubbing them the wrong way. Personally, mine don't bother me in any of these ways and they aren't uncomfortable. If anything I just get itchy at the nape of my neck from time to time? Like I mentioned the biggest issue for me is remembering to actually brush my hair. After years of literally never brushing my hair, I am having to break the habit so I don't get a rats nest or some gnarly dreadlocks. 


Getting the extensions put in was a relatively quick experience. It's quicker if you actually wash your hair before you go in, but ya'll know I am physically incapable of having clean hair. Whoops. 

Bailey sectioned my hair, took tiny rows of my hair and sandwiched them between two extension pieces. Painless and quick! It was crazy watching my hair grow right in front of my eyes. At the end she trimmed and shaped how I needed, and curled them to perfection! After washing, drying, installing, toning, drying, cutting, and styling I was out of there in about an hour and a half!

I have had one set of the "hair sandwiches" fall out since getting them done, and I take full responsibility for it. It was the one closest to the front of my face and top of my head, and I would always snag it with my wet brush. I actually sandwiched my hair back in by myself once it fell out the first time, but by the second time of me ripping it out and accidentally getting conditioner all up on the adhesive, I needed an extra hand. Bailey had me stop back by the salon and in five minutes she had reapplied the tape and stuck the hair piece back in its spot! She even moved another one up for me while I was in her chair. <3 She's duh best, ya'll. 


A major factor in my choice for tape-in extensions was the low maintenance aspect, along with the ability to keep them in for a while. I was eager to get them in ASAP, but I wanted them to look as fresh and nice as possible for the wedding, which was my main excuse for finally dropping the dollars. Depending on how fast your hair grows and your personal comfort preference you have to move the extensions up every 1.5-3 months. 

The #1 most difficult adjustment for me after getting extensions was fixing my hair- more specifically- DRYING IT! I was used to drying mine with a round brush, upside down in about 3 minutes, then curling my hair in another 3. With extensions, you can't just run a brush through it like you normally would. You have to work around the tape, and dry in layers. It's important not to use direct heat on the tape because that can loosen the adhesive and make them fall out quicker. I can easily take 10 minutes blow drying my hair even after letting it air dry for a while, and still find damp patches on the back of my head. THEN you still have to curl it, which is easily another 10-15 minutes if you're halfway trying to make it look really good. Another important thing is to use sulfate free shampoo, and limit the conditioner to the ends so it doesn't loosen the tape up. 

Don't let this scare you off, because it is all absolutely worth it. I have been able to go a week *nervous laugh* without washing my hair and only having to do small touch ups with the curling iron every few days, which is amazing. My hair still gets oily as heck on the top of my head and on the sides by my ears, but I've discovered the magic combo of dry shampoos that go the extra mile in terms of style extending and oil absorption!

Styling Products

The first one in my magic combo is by HASK and its the Chia Seed Volume Dry Shampoo. It's a rice starch formula, enriched with chia seeds so its definitely the perfect combination as far as oil absorption goes. Also, sulfate, paraben, phthalates, artificial color, and gluten free! I am really surprised this product hasn't gotten more hype! It gives amazing volume, and has little to no white cast on my roots. The smell is great, and it comes out in such a fine mist that your hair never feels weighed down no matter how heavily you spray it in. It absorbs very quickly and it doesn't leave your hair feeling wet, either. Now if you like your hair to have a textured grit with your dry shampoo, this might not be for you. It's on the "softer" side as far as dry shampoos go. I snagged mine at Walgreens for under $10, but you can often find it on sale at Ulta for up to 50% off and on Amazon for even less, PLUS Prime eligible so free shipping! Win, win.

My other holy grail product is literally magic in a bottle. Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder  creates volume, adds texture, absorbs oil, and refreshes styles. Its a good hair day in a bottle. I like using this on first day hair to add some grip and messiness to the style, cause ya'll know this girl doesn't do neat hair. Around day 3 hair I use the Pret-a-Powder with with my HASK dry shampoo, so I don't overuse the B&B! This powder is so finely milled that when you're shaking it in your roots you can't even feel it. The powder itself is white, but goes invisible when you rub it in! So even you dark headed babes can use it with confidence! A little goes a long way with this powder, but on the extra oily days I sub in my cheapo HASK dry shampoo for oil absorption cuz homie ain't made of money. You get 2 oz for $28 just about everywhere. I would either buy this in store at Ulta to save on shipping charges, or snag it from Amazon with Prime. (I know right now you can actually get it for about $26 on Amazon but that could be one of those short term deals) I really don't think you'll regret it, and it really will last you a hot, hot minute. 

I still use my favorite heat protectant/leave in conditioner from John Frieda that you can get here, and I alternate on my oils and blow out creams depending on what Birchbox goodies I have left. 

That's all I've got for you today! Thanks for hanging out with me today! I have some really exciting wedding DIYs and fun news coming up for you soon!

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