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Kristin Ess Product Review + Breakdown

Kristin Ess Product Review + Breakdown

Hey everyone!

I have been so excited to share this post, because let me tell you: Kristin Ess has changed my life. LIKE Top 3 best things that happened in 2018:

  1. Walmart Grocery Pickup.

  2. Kristin Ess was introduced into self care routine.

  3. I married Grayson.

    All of this in no particular order.

Plain + Simple, I love her products. I love that they’re accessible at Target, I love that they’re sulfate free (and free of other nasty stuff) and I love that almost all fall between the $10.00-$14.00 price range.

For reference, I have a blonde layered bob. Very blonde with dark roots. Fairly damaged because I am naturally a dark brunette and am currently in an ashy to grey tone. My hair is fine in texture, but I have a medium to full amount of it on my head. I also use heat on my hair 3-5 times a week.

I’ve tried to be as detailed as possible in these breakdowns, but feel free to comment or message me on Instagram (@aubrey.madelaine) if you have any questions!

My bestie, Tia, also is doing a Kristin Ess product breakdown and review on her blog! Her hair type is long and curly - couldn’t be more different from mine, so check out her post (linked at the end) for a whole new perspective of the line!

Weightless Shine Leave In Conditioner / $10.00- Having fine, bleached hair, it is important that I keep it moisturized, but also important to keep the moisture light because my hair can get weighed down so easily. A couple of sprays with this stuff, my hair is detangled and soft- and smelling AMAZING! The kind of amazing where even the next day I feel like it’s freshly washed. It also dishes out a nice dash of shine so my hair looks super healthy and fresh! Another reason why I am obsessed with this spray is because it saves Grayson’s hair. As many of you know, my husband Grayson has almost waist length hair. He is ultimate #hairgoals. I’m talking highlights, texture, wave. It’s infuriating. But bless his heart, he has no idea how to manage it. (We’re making strides though, don’t worry.) He has fairly curly hair, and he is in desperate need of a trim, making his hair so dang tangly! I always joke that even though the man is covered in tattoos, he can’t handle getting his hair brushed out. It’s insane. ALSO guess who’s the one who has to sit down and brush out all his neglected tangles after work or even worse, after a tour. Weeks of tangles building up. It’s not fun. This Kristin Ess Leave In Conditioner is now a staple in the Stewart casa. Suitable for all hair types, everyone can need a little extra help! (These pictures were taken 10 minutes apart from one another. Yeah. Shook.)

The One Purple Shampoo + The One Purple Conditioner / $12.00 each - My blonde hair journey has not been for the faint of heart. I basically started 5 years ago from black box dye and a multitude of other hair sins. Besides the black box dye, I have natural warm undertones in my dark brown hair, making it very difficult to achieve a neutral to cool blonde. I’ve tried every purple shampoo I could get my hands on, but they’ve always been either way too drying + full of sulfates, would turn my hair greenish, or just not pack a punch. Kristin Ess’s formula is like celebrity grey platinum hair in a bottle. If you struggle with keeping your blonde white and bright then look no further. You’ll be able to tell such a difference in tone after once use. I’m the type of gal that likes my hair purple tinged grey white. Like no trace of yellow please. I use both the shampoo + conditioner about every other time I wash my hair. If you’re not one for greyish platinum tones, you could definitely get away with using this combination every third to fourth time you wash your hair. (Assuming you wash your hair as little as I do.) With the shampoo, I love the formula because even though it is sulfate free it lathers up SO beautifully and actually leaves your hair so stinking clean. The conditioner is lightweight and non greasy, but will make your hair feel like it has been transformed into strands of SILK. S I L K. Remember- this is coming from someone with dry, bleached, heat damaged hair. Also- Smells. Amazing. (Noticing a pattern?)

Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray / $14.00 - This is my dream product. Hold. Texture. Grip. Soft, matte finish. Smells amazing. NO CRUNCHY ANYTHING. I use this after I curl my hair in short sprays all through the layers and then on second …third..fourth day hair to add some oomph. It doesn’t get overly tacky or gunky, and I haven’t noticed any excess oil caused by the product. I will say- this is not a salt spray- so if you’re looking for that this probably isn’t for you. If you like sexy messy waves then run on over to Target now because this is probably every product that you’re currently using wrapped into one- aaaand it smells…Amazing.

Instant Exfoliating Scalp Scrub / $14.00 - So I was really looking forward to this product (actually her entire scalp line) because Grayson has the driest scalp I’ve ever come into contact with. He actually has seborrheic dermatitis that flares up on his head in spots so I was excited to pick up this scrub and go to town. I’m not sure if I could tell a huge difference all over, but on the rough spots near the base of his neck it definitely helped. Personally I don’t have a dry scalp, but I did notice that it helps with build up that I get on the sides of my head. Will I repurchase this? Probably not. Not because I think this is a bad product, I just don’t think it’s exactly what we need. I think if you have all over dryness or deal with significant product build up this could really work for you. Also smells amazing. Like coconuts.

Rose Gold Spray / $12.00 - So I was mega excited for this. I actually picked this up in a holiday gift set that was on sale. I snagged a bottle of the color and it came with some stunning rose gold art deco - esque bobby pins that are probably the most beautiful things that have been stuck to my head. I love the concept of this. Temporary fun color that you can spray on in the shower. No fuss, no mess. I’ve used this once. I threw it on in the shower and it went on super blotchy and uneven BUT for that I take full responsibility. I think for your first use it you should use a mirror and take mind of what parts of your hair are drier/more porous than the rest- because those parts will absorb more color than others. I made the mistake of just throwing it all over without really timing it or sectioning it out. Honestly for the lack of care I applied it with, it really was’t bad. What I actually had a problem with was the color. It made my hair more on the magenta side. Which isn’t BAD- but when you’re expecting a pastel or even bubble gum pink shade it is surprising. From all the research I did on this product, I am the only person who I have heard of having this problem. I’m sure it was magenta because I use so much purple shampoo and conditioner. This is a problem I’ve experienced before with pastel hair color, it just goes on so much bolder on my hair even when I cut it with conditioner or minimize the setting time. I wasn’t fond of the bold color so I double washed my hair with Head & Shoulders and it took the edge off. I would say after 3-4 washes after that I was back to normal.

3 in Flat Iron / $80.00 - Before getting this flat iron for Christmas I hadn’t had a new one in probably 13 years, the last 4 not even owning one period. I don’t particularly care for how I look with straight hair, but the waves that this guy gives me are literal perfection. The sides of the flat iron are rounded, making it so easy to do those perfectly messy flat iron curls. I also love that it heats up in 60 seconds and turns off automatically in half an hour if you leave it plugged in. (Not that I have ever done that…!) The flat iron is on the smaller size, 1 1/4'“ titanium plates, which I like because of my short hair. I keep mine on the lowest heat setting, but it goes up to 440 degrees. It also comes with a 9 ft cord which is wonderful for when you only have one outlet in your bathroom. If you’re looking for a new flat iron, I recommend this one. Straight, wavy, easy.

I hope my thoughts were helpful or insightful! There are still so many things I am dying to try from her ever-growing collection, and have already picked up some new products that she’s released to try and do a Part 2 review! I am really crossing my fingers that she’ll release a heat protection spray or line SOON because as far as I can tell, that’s the one thing I am desperately missing from this line.

Have you tried any of Kristin Ess’ products? Tell me your favorites, and let me know if you try anything that I’ve recommended! Make sure you’re following Kristin Ess on Instagram for product announcements, demos, and her adorable puppies! @Kristin_Ess

To check out Tia’s blog post about her experience with Kristin Ess, check out her blog here!

xx, Aubrey

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