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Fall Favorites 2018

Fall Favorites 2018

Hey babes! I don’t know about you, but Fall is like a rush of adrenaline straight to my wardrobe. By the end of summer it’s just so hot and humid that comfort is 100% the goal most days. Fall opens up a whole new world when it comes to clothes. Layers, boots, SWEATERS! Even a girl like me who has a heart for summer knows that the easiest time of year to look cute is in the fall.

I’ve really been stepping my accessory game up lately, because I’ve found that it’s the easiest, quickest, and cheapest (!!!) way to update my wardrobe is to invest in a few trendy accessories. SO- grab you a PSL and a knit blanket because I’ve gathered my current fall obsessions for you today!

I don’t know about you, but if I am on day 3-4 hair and the only option is a messy bun, big earrings are one of the only ways I can go out in public and still feel like a solid 8.6. Big earrings have been a major favorite in my fall wardrobe. Anything tortoiseshell pattern is currently stealing my heart, so when I was scouring Forever 21 deciding what fall essentials I was gonna snag I couldn’t help but add a couple chunky sets of earrings. I love the 60’s esque shape of the round brown ones, and the white and gray ones are somewhere between that traditional tortoiseshell and modern marble, so I am living. One of the last pairs that I added were the skinny gold threader earrings, and I surprised myself with how often I have reached for them. They’re just so understated and delicate- but are modern and match SO many outfits. They’ve definitely become my go-to pair!

(Top to Bottom)

  1. Threader Bar Earrings $4.90

  2. Tortoiseshell Drop Earrings $5.90

  3. Tiered Disc Drop Earrings $6.90

  4. Faux Stone Drop Earrings $6.90

Real quick lets just talk about the wonderful thing that are silky scarves. I am actually doing a post about how to style scarves very soon, so if you’re loving this trend stay tuned for that! I got these from Indie Boutique in Fort Smith for $8.00 each! As soon as they posted them on their story I was smitten and ordered them immediately! 10/10 LOVE They just add such a quirky and vintage spin on any outfit and I am so here for it. I can’t wait to share more about my love for all things scarves with you soon! Check out their online shop and grab one for yourself if you can’t make it in the store!

Ya know how I mentioned messy buns earlier? Yeah, they’ve low key taken over my life at this point in the year. Besides popping on some big trendy earrings, my favorite way to tolerate myself a little more when rocking a 4 day bun is to pop a fall scrunchie on over my regular hair tie! I like to secure my bun with a black elastic, a couple of bobby pins and then wrap around a scrunchie to make it cuter! My current faves are from Renee + Reid’s fall scrunchie collection! I believe they’re sold out now but she will be releasing some more holiday ones soon! Follow her on Instagram: @monikapmorris or at @reneereidbows to get the latest update! I picked two of my favorite and most used scrunchies from her Fall collection to feature! Olive green is my favorite neutral and rust is always a warm pop to any neutral outfit!

Moving from accessories and onto makeup- I know I’m a little late to the game, but in August I swung by Ulta a couple days before my wedding day and snagged the Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfecter from Becca. I've wanted this highlighter since the day Jaclyn Hill announced it, but rocking a drug store budget has been my main downfall in the journey to obtain it! I figured my wedding was as good of a reason as any to treat myself to a $40 highlighter! I’m pretty fair complected, but I love warm tones so this champagne shade was the perfect balance of warmth without me looking a mess. It even looked fabulous with the dark spray tan I got for the Big Day. Now as we are in full swing of Fall, I love doing a simple light brown smokey eye and bathing my face in this highlight. I’m talking a full on highlight- cheek bones all the way to the tip of the nose: drenched! It doesn’t fade a bit by the end of a 10 hour work day, and I honestly think it looks better the longer you wear it! (I have normal to dry skin)

What is fall without candles? Lately I’ve been burning Paddywax’s Incense & Smoke from their Glow collection. It’s a unique smell, like the most cozy and homey botanical scent you can imagine.

  • Top Notes of : White Grapefruit + Mandarin + Cinnamon /

  • Middle Notes of : Clove Bud + Spiced Orchid + Tonka Bean

  • Base Notes of : Frankincense + Myrrh + Cedarwood.

If I’m being honest, I am equally as obsessed with the packaging as I am the fabulous cozy smell. It reminds me of carnival glass, but with an iridescent kick. Moody but fun!

My last favorite is essential when combating the early flu season that is upon us! Rinse is a company that specializes in 98%-100% natural hygiene and beauty products. We carry them at the shop I work at and everything that I try by them absolutely impresses me. This hand sanitizing spray is made with cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. The scent is almost identical to Thieves oil from Young Living, which is the most fallish-wintery smell ever. I love this spray because 1) It isn’t sticky like other natural sanitizers and 2) the spray nozzle makes it so easy to sanitize while you’re out and about. Steering wheels, shopping carts, door handles, restaurant tables, menus- need I go on? Plus since its chemial and alcohol free it is totally safe for babies! You can pick these up for $6.95 a bottle at the Potting Shed!

I hope y’all enjoyed reading about my current favorites! I want to hear what you’re loving lately! Leave it in the comments or tag me on Instagram! @Aubrey.Madelaine

xx, Aubrey

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