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DIY Crystal Hair Comb

DIY Crystal Hair Comb

Hi Pretties!

I hope everyone is having a great day! I just wanted to share a fun DIY that I concocted for the wedding! I've actually had this blog ready to post here for a minute, but right before I was about to hit publish a couple weeks ago I had a formatting malfunction and lost half of the blog! (Y I K E S) The last two weeks have been so insanely busy that I am just now having time to replenish what was cast away into the internet wasteland BUT I am so stoked to share! 

As I have previously written about in my previous wedding dress blog post, I am in the process of formulating the perfect aesthetic for accessorizing and styling my gorgeous bridesmaids. Before I was even officially wedding planning I knew I wanted my girls to wear black dresses in a variety of styles, but after I bought my wedding dress I kind of had to do a style reset because it was a little different than what I figured I would end up with.

After a little deliberation I decided I needed to bring some bling into the picture, but I wasn't sure how. My personality isn't one that naturally clings to bling, so I had to get creative. I have really been loving the natural quartz + geode trend that has been happening, and I love how it can bring some bling into a look without looking...blingy. Ya feel?

I started looking for hair pieces on Etsy that had quartz or crystals and I really couldn't find what I wanted. Everything was either too Coachella or too small- and just about all of them were too expensive for me to swing. I figured that if hundreds of other people were making them by hand then I could at least try to whip something up. 

Ya'll. I am very pleased with what I have come up with.

If you're interested in making some of these, or some of this kind of variety then keep on reading! I personally went for a more simplistic and organic stone, as well as a mixed metals look with the variety of comb and wire colors- but you can obviously do whatever you like!

What I used:

1. 22 Gauge Gold Wire - I used this kind of wire. I recommend a smaller gauge like this so it is guaranteed to fit through the holes in your crystals! It will also make it easy to work with, and less bulky after you've wrapped up your crystals! 

2. Individual Crystals with Holes - I used these. They came on a 15 inch string and they all had holes drilled through, which is the most important thing! That is where you will feed the wire through. So it really doesn't matter what style or color you pick, as long as there is a place for the wire. The picture on Amazon makes them all look about the same size, but the two strands I purchased had a variety of size and shapes, which made for a nice style on the combs. I got about 4 combs from each strand of crystals so definitely order accordingly!

3. Metal Hair Combs - I used these. I purchased a 12 pack of black, silver, and gold hair combs. Like I mentioned earlier, I like the look of mixed metals so I was fine with having gold wire with the silver combs! These are on the cheaper side when it comes to quality, so the teeth of the comb can get a tad crooked when you're wrapping the wire. In my opinion it was easier to work with the cheap metal because I could maneuver it exactly how I needed and then straighten it back into place!

4. Scissors or Wire Cutters 

Step 1

Gather your stones, and arrange them in whatever order you would like. I've had a lot of fun with this. I think my favorite arrangement so far has been placing the tallest stone in the center and stair stepping sizes up from small to large on either side. Another simpler arrangement is choosing stones that are all the same height, but vary in wideness! You can space them as close or as far as you like, it is all preference! 

Step 2

Cut dat wire! Let me preface and say you're going to need a lot more wire than you expect. I would suggest you cut off a piece that is 2-3 feet long. While it isn't a big deal to run out of wire while you're wrapping, not having to stop and recut + rearrange wire is always a perk.

Step 3

Let's wrap! When you begin, make a few tight wraps at the edge of the comb to anchor the wire. Then, wrap through the first tooth space a couple times.

Step 4

After wrapping the wire so its coming up from the bottom, slide your crystal on tight and bring the wire back over the crystal in a slant.

Ex: From the bottom right side of the crystal, up over to the top left side. Bring the wire behind the crystal, and go from the top right side, and X the wire down and across to the bottom right side.

You can get creative with your wire wrapping, just make sure it is tight enough to hold the crystal in place. Once you finish wrapping your crystal, wrap your wire over to the next tooth space. By now you might be seeing why you need so much wire!

I tend to like a messier look with the wire, as you can tell! You can make it as neat or as messy as you like!

Click through the pictures to see all the wrapping steps!

Repeat Step 3 until you apply all your crystals. 

Step 4

When you get to the end of your comb, do another anchor wrap on the edge that sticks out. Fin!

Bonus Step

You might find that some of the teeth of your comb have been bent and moved a little out of place while wrapping. This is not a big deal! Just gently move them back into place!

What do you think of this look? I think it would be so beautiful to do with other shades of crystals! I also think it would be fun to make a tiara out of them! 

I would love to see you try this and how you style it for yourself!! Please tag me in your pictures if you try this! @Aubrey.Madelaine

Thanks for hanging out with me!

xx, Aubrey

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