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Some Fall Tunes

Some Fall Tunes

Hey babes, I hope you are enjoying these early days of Novemburrrr.

I don’t know about you but it’s the time of year where I find myself wanting to turn on my Christmas Pandora station, but I still feel a liiiitttllee too guilty to start that quite yet. Luckily, one of my favorite parts of fall is putting together moody playlists that just amplify the exciting changes in seasons. I’ve gathered a few of my favorite albums to put on this time of year, and I will make sure to link my “you’re getting cooler” Spotify playlist as well! Feel free to follow along as I update it throughout the season.

  1. The Districts - Telephone / Standout songs on this album include: Lyla, Silver Couplets, Long Distance (which might be my favorite song on the record) / I love this band’s guitar tone. I love their strumming patterns and how they pluck out chords without it sounding too acoustic. Ya know? (My husband would probably die if he read this, because even though I am married to a musician I actually have no idea what I am talking about most of the time??) They’re jammy but moody and I just love them. They’re a fall staple. I also highly recommend every other album by The Districts! They have such a distinct sound, but there is a pretty good variety in each album. (When I am at home I turn on The Districts Pandora station and it is just the best thing, and a lot of these other artists that I mention play on it too! Just a lil fall music hack for ya)

  2. Kings of Leon - Only By The Night / Standout songs on this album include: Cold Desert, Revelry, I Want You, Manhattan / KOL is one of my favorite bands. Their ever evolving diversity through each album, through their aesthetics, just everything. I love this album in particular because it’s still got a little bit of grit left over from the album before this, Because Of The Times, but the guitar is just so smooth. This album has it all, slow and dramatic, or head bobbing and guitar solo-ing moments. It’s such a classic.

  3. Whitney - Light Upon the Lake / Standout songs on this album include: No Woman, Golden Days, Light Upon the Lake, Red Moon / Grayson gets full credit with my exposure to Whitney. I often associate them with The Districts because he kind of paired them together around that time. This is one of those records you put on and let it play through from beginning to end while you’re making pumpkin bread, or carving a pumpkin, or doing any pumpkin related activities. Because Fall. They’re the most whimsical mix of pop-indie-folk ? You just need to listen. I think you’d dig them, plus sometimes they play horns.

  4. Coldplay - Parachutes / Standout songs on this album include: Sparks, Don’t Panic, Yellow, Shiver, I remember listening to my mother listen to this album growing up. It’s funny because I feel like this record was always in queue on my parents CD changer, therefor my subconscious absorbed every word to every song on this record by the time I was 12. Honestly though, it wasn’t until I was probably 16 that I became aware of the wonderfulness that is this record. Parachutes is perfect for fall because it is a security blanket in musical format. It just gets my heart ready for the holiday season. Coldplay is magic. They are nostalgic, cozy, romantic, magic.

  5. The Essentialists - The Essentialists EP / I fell in love with this group of guys last Fall actually. They released two singles, Magnolia + Shake, which I might love even more this time around because they give me that whole “last Fall” nostalgia almost instantly. They came out with an EP a few months ago and its just a delight. Boots is such a fun little jam, and seasonally appropriate because boots, duh. You can tell these guys work hard to stay authentic with their sound. I can’t wait to hear more from them.

  6. The Band CAMINO - This band does this thing where they keep releasing EPs and singles, and while that’s charming and super indie of them, I need them to release a full length record already! This is the band you listen to when “it’s still slightly warm enough to keep the windows open and deep clean the house” and then you dance around the whole time thinking about how they sound so much like The 1975 and you’ll probably end up listening to The 1975 after you go through all their singles and EPs. Some of my favorite songs include, Who Says We’re Through, My Thoughts on You, Daphne Blue. They’ll make you happy. They’ll make you dance.

I know this was a super informal post, but I thought it would be super fun to get some music talk back on the blog. Do you listen to any of these artists? Let me know what your go-to fall music sounds like!

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xx, Aubrey

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