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Current Skincare Products - 2018

Current Skincare Products - 2018

Hello Lovies,

I was doing some blog creeping on myself and realized I haven’t done a skincare routine in a minute. Over a year! And my oh my, how my skincare routine has changed. I thought with the changing of seasons I could share what I am currently doing to keep my skin in the best state!

I have normal to dry skin. I used to have very very dry skin, but as I have changed my diet (removed gluten and avoiding dairy) and matured it has definitely leveled to the more normal side. I still have texture that I am fighting every day ( I can tell a huge difference in this when I remove sugar and dairy as strictly as I do gluten ) as well as acne that flares up based on hormones and diet as well.

My Skincare Goals

  • Makeup Removing

  • Extra Moisture

  • Wrinkly Prevention

  • Acne Fighting

I am going to list the products that I use in the order that I use them at night!

  • Garnier Waterproof Miceller Water

    This is my favorite way to take my makeup off- especially my eye makeup and the foundation + bronzer along my hairline. I have the hardest time scrubbing it out of my hair sometimes. (Anyone else, or am I just gross?) I talked about this magic water last year on my last skincare routine blog and I am still so obsessed. I still prefer the waterproof formula more than the regular just because I feel like it takes everything off easier and its so nourishing. Its less than $10 for a bottle that lasts me for months. Plus you can pick it up at just about any drugstore. WIN.

  • Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser

    After I take my makeup off I wash my face with this cleanser. If I’m in a rush or just feeling lazy I will use this to take my makeup off, but if I do that I always wash it a second round just to make sure I get my skin super clean. This is the most nourishing wash, ever. They use food grade Greek yoghurt, and its a low foaming wash that won’t strip your face of the oils. Your skin will feel clean but moisturized when you’re out of the shower. That is so important in these cool and dry months! I was so shocked by how fast my skin changed after just a day of using this. Another thing I love about this wash is that Sephora has it as a “clean” product on their site. This basically means no sulfates, mineral oil, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, and a handful of other nasty things that should come nowhere near our skin. It is over 84% natural and cruelty free! (Mega shoutout to my sister, Laurel + my friend Sarah to opening my eyes to this magic product.)

  • Beauty Blend Oil - Colquitt Bath Co.

    If you have normal to dry skin, you need this oil in your life. Just trust me. I use this as a serum at night. I am super extra and do 2 full droppers on my face, because I find it a priority to look like I dunked my face in a vat of oil. Waking up the next morning after putting this on your skin will make you feel like the most dewy, glowy goddess. It plumps your skin, and takes moisture up a level. I love doing this after a deep exfoliation or mask. It seals that fresh skin post mask glow in all. day. This product is wonderful to add into a face moisturizer for some deep moisture, or to add a drop or two into your foundation if you’re wanting to look d e w y af. Plus this stuff smells like actual heaven. Picture Lush on steroids. Made from 8 different oils and blended by hand in Fort Smith, AR.

  • Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream

    I’ve always read that it is never too early to start the anti-aging steps in your skincare routine. I started getting under eye wrinkles a few years ago and around the time I got engaged I realized it was time to do something about it. This formula is made with super moisturizing hyaluronic acid and sunflower seed oil. It’s a lightweight formula so you can wear it under makeup, or just as a night cream. I could tell a huge difference in a matter of two months, and now it is definitely a must have for me! Even if you’re not sure you need an anti wrinkle eye cream, this one is so soothing and smoothing that it would be perfect for young skin!

  • Occasionally

    • Purity Made Simple Pore Extracting Mask- This mask is heavy duty. I have a long battle with blackheads and texture and this mask don’t mess around with those things. It goes on like a clay mask and then dries like one, too. It’s a deep exfoliating mask so as you wash it off, you rub it on your face in circular motions. When you rinse it off it’s like your nasty texture skin is gone and your brand new baby skin was waiting all along! It is remarkable how it eliminates blackheads within literally one use only. It only takes the tiniest amount, so the $35 price tag will stretch out for a l o n g time.

    • Soap & Paper Oxygenating Face Mask - This mask is made of Glycolic & Alpha Lipic Acids. I have never ever, EVER come into contact with a mask that makes me glow like this one. It goes on super light and when you rinse it off you will be shook over how glowy and fresh your skin looks. Sometimes I let this mask sit on my face for 30-45 minutes and freshen it up with my Mario Badescu Green Tea Spray about halfway through. I feel like it just adds an extra oomf when my skin feels a tad dry.

So thats what I’ve been using this year! I love this combination so much! Have you tried any of these products? What have you been obsessed with for your skin lately? Let me know in the comments or tag me on Instagram! @aubrey.madelaine

xx, Aubrey

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