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Heritage Acres Open Barn // Mini Shoot with AnneMarie Studio + Always & Forever

Heritage Acres Open Barn // Mini Shoot with AnneMarie Studio + Always & Forever

So a few weeks ago I received an exciting text message from Shelly, one of my former bosses from Always & Forever, an (amazing) bridal and formal wear shop in Fort Smith, AR. She asked if I would be interested in modeling some gowns at the Heritage Acres venue in Clarksville for an Open Barn event that was being hosted with a handful of other venders. 

Play in gorgeous dresses and carry around perfect bouquets all day? Um, absolutely!

I knew I was in for an amazing time because I had been on the other side of these kinds of events when I worked at Always & Forever myself, doing different formal wear shoots, and working their annual prom fashion show. It's honestly just impossible to not have fun when you're surrounded by stunning gowns and fabulous people. I still feel so grateful and humbled that they thought to ask me to be apart of such a special and fabulous day! 

First of all, this venue was flawless. I'm going to be completely honest- it takes a lot for a venue to impress me anymore. I hate to admit it, but I've turned into a venue snob--It isn't my fault! After being friends with photographers and working in the wedding industry I've simply acquired a nearly unattainable standard-- but holy Moses, ya'll. This barn is stunning. It's certainly rustic; but not the "Only the southern belle can get married in this barn" kind of rustic. Vintage, minimalist, dramatic, whatever image you're going for- it would work in this venue. The barn has amazing natural light coming in from the huge windows, and there are medium to light wood accents galore. In my opinion, the cherry on top are the huge opening barn doors at the front of the building. Yes, Yes. YES. 

There is a lofted second floor for additional seating and mingling, and goodness it is just as stunning as you could imagine. Outside, they recently added a concrete dance floor with stunning light fixtures and a brick fire pit. BASICALLY this place is built so you can party all night. (Can you tell I'm totally here for it?) And as if it wasn't perfect enough, there is a darling plot of land with an arbor and plenty of seating, so if you want to get married outside with the picture perfect rolling hills and their pond in the background, you absolutely can.

The models (*hair flip*) got ready in the bridal suite. It felt like I was walking into a Pinterest dream room. Plush bed, clawfoot tub, sliding barn doors, giant mirror, more perfectly distressed barn wood accents. Swoon. Basically, I'm learning that in order for a room to feel trendy and wonderful, it just needs a lot of natural light and white distressed accents. Heritage Acres has all of this. 

I got to spend my day with so many sweet people! Always & Forever picked out the most stunning gowns for me and Rachel, (fellow model and TOTAL babe) and our pro bridal consultant, Kalyn, got us all dressed up all day long- veils and all. All day I was in and out of gowns, taking pictures with the perfect bouquets from Clarksville Florists, and walking around the venue, letting people take pictures of the gowns and pretending that I was a professional. 

So, of course my favorite thing about the day was wearing the actual wedding gowns. I obviously have a mild obsession after being a consultant, so from the moment I agreed to help out I was dying to know what they were going to put me in. All of my gowns were by Mori Lee (wedding dress genius) and all three were totally different styles. They were all unlike any dress that I would normally pick for myself which made it 100x more fun. Before the day was over I had converted from anti-sleeves + anti-ball gown, (I know, I know, what's WRONG with me) to obsessed with all full skirts and sleeves. I was basically begging to take the ball gown home with me. 

I'll be attaching some of the pictures that the oh-so-fabulous Annie Gray from AnneMarie Studio sent in our gallery, so you can see all the amazingness that Rachel and I got to wear all day! ( Bonus points for stunning bridesmaid dresses, too) Under that gallery, I'll put some casual snap shots that I managed to snag throughout the day! What's your favorite shot from the day?

If you see any dresses that you have questions about or are interested in making yours, definitely send Always & Forever a message, or call them to set up an appointment with one of their amazing bridal consultants. You absolutely will not be disappointed; their selection cannot be matched, and all of their consultants are simply the best. (I promise this isn't even me being biased hehe)

Once again, I just want to say a big thank you to all the amazing vendors involved in the Open Barn, it was seriously STUNNING and so much fun!

xx, Aubrey


Also here is the vendors names 

Check out the amazing vendors on IG:

Dresses: @alwaysforevergirl

Venue: @Heritageacresvenue

Photography: @annemariesstudio

Florals: @clarksville_florist



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