Hello, my name is Aubrey.

I am a 23 year old writer. Whether it be a poem, blog post, or rant about unattainable social standards, I'm always jotting something down. 

I started this blog primarily for myself. I wanted to devote a part of my life and time to acknowledging and appreciating the little things that make me happy. Rose tinted memories. Concerts, recipes, books of poetry, new mascara- anything. Everything. Devoting conversation to something you love or appreciate is important.

I also find it important to talk about the not so lovely times. The sad, busy, tired, anxiety filled times. Not only do they made the lovely times shine brighter, but talking about them can remind you that they're just a chapter you will pass through, too.

I invite you to read and celebrate the lovely things and life with me. Show me your lovely things, so we can celebrate them together.